Making Contracts Really Smart

Token: TM-WISH

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 25-10-2017 (238)

ICO Closing Date: 25-11-2017 (207)


MyWish is decentralized invocation system. It assures that all contracts are executed. The User gets tokens for another’s contract call. It has a friendly UI. Any user can design his own contract, deploy and handle their own contract. All the contract templates are safe and secure. MyWish creates thousands of contracts and inflates costs by re-usage of common parts. The Costs can be lowered by 3x.

Developed Projects:-

  • Wedding Contract:- The Smart Contract for couples who are tremendously planning their future together
  • Lost Key Contract: - It provides crypto assets to transfer in case of a private key loss.
  • Will Contract: - The will contract to transfer person savings to their family or friends in the event of their sudden illness or death.
  • Deferred Payment:- User can directly set the automatic funds and transfer or bill payment on a specified date and amount

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Team Members

Vladimir Tikhomirov - CEO / Founder

Valeriy Dubrava - CTO / Principal Ethereum Engineer

Dmitry Machikhin - Adviser / Legal blockchain expert

Arnold Pham - Adviser / Cofounder and CEO at Lunyr- Ethereum Expert

Alejandra de Gaustad - Adviser / Investment Consultant- founder and CEO of Orocrypt Inc.

Hugo Hellebuyck - Adviser / ICO Angel- blockchain expert

Jonathan Millet - Adviser / CEO of NewsBTC.

Pavel Shterlyaev - Lost Key contract Manager

Alexandr Agoshkov - Marketing manager

Alexey Udalov - Senior Backend Developer

Dmitriy Kovalev - Senior Frontend Developer

Andrey Kubasov - Frontend Developer

Vasily Lifanovsky - Ethereum Developer

Vladislav Zakharov - Frontend Developer

Maxim Lebedev - Junior Ethereum Developer

Zhilina Mariya - WEB/UI designer


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