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ICO Start Date: 07-01-2018 (136)

ICO Closing Date: 15-02-2018 (97)


Neuromation is a distributed synthetic data platform. It is used for the purpose of deep learning applications. It can be unblocked for game-changing computing capacity for wide AI adoption. This platform utilizes the distributed computing with the blockchain proof of work tokens. It reforms model development.

The revolution has features such as deep learning, employs artificial neural networks of large capacity. It requires accurate labeling. The collection of large datasets of images, text, and sound is easy. The description and annotation of data have been challenging and costly for a very long time. The crowdsourcing is applied to the problems of the dataset creation and labeling has employed in large numbers of humans to rectify the mistakes and improves the accuracy.

The team has proposed a solution, which assures the accuracy of the construction. It collects large data sets with accurate labels. The advantages of synthetic data are assorted. It rapidly synthesizes and renders to accurate the tailored for the task at hand. It is modified to improve the model and training. It is imperative to note that real data with the accurate labels are required for evaluating models. These are trained on synthetic data and guarantees acceptable performance at the inference time.  


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Team Members

Maxim Prasolov - CEO

Fedor Savchenko - CTO

Sergey Nikolenko - Chief Research Officer

Constantin Goltsev - Investor / Chairman

Denis Popov - VP of Engineering

Esther Katz - VP Communication

Evan Katz - CRO

Andrew Rabinovich - Adviser

David Orban - Adviser

Yuri Kundin - Advisor

Dave Carlson - Advisor


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