Intelligent technology for wireless energy

Token: NODE

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 15-01-2018 (128)

ICO Closing Date: 15-02-2018 (97)


NodePower is an intelligent technology for wireless energy. It is reforming high-tech start-ups that disrupt a market slot of wireless transmission devices for private and commercial usage. The innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity allow the company to provide the solution which has been defined by high quality and efficiency of use.


  • Intelligent:- NodePower remotely and simultaneously transfer the energy to many devices with certain powers
  • Responsive:- The technology of NodePower is applied to all the electronics
  • Reasonable: - NodePower has low to medium cost when compared with other solution and the power transfer efficiency is up to 90%.
  • Smart Design: - NodePower comes with a innovate design which has fewer wires and more space. It is convenient for usage and storage.
  • Stylish: - NodePower has a cushy and contemporary design.



  • Alpha: - Alpha is flexible pad for wireless charging of electronic devices. It is a large area of the charging surface. It allows users to charge several devices by placing them side by side.
  • Eon: - Eon is a wireless charging station for desktop placement. It enables a user to charge various devices and furnished with the automatic power control.


ICO Details:-

  • ICO Start Date:- 07th December 2017
  • ICO End Date:- 15th April 2018
  • Token Price:- 1 USD
  • Platform:- Ethereum
  • Accepting:- ETH and BTC
  • Token:- NODE
  • Pre-ICO Price 1 NODE = 1 USD
  • Price 1 NODE = 1 USD

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Team Members

George Mikaberydze - Advisor

Elizaveta Tolstikova - Advisor

George Erman - Advisor

Sergey Lepeshkin - Advisor

Iaroslav Taldykin - Advisor

Vadim Kotov - Advisor

Pavel Zelenin - Founder

Daniil Morozov - Co-Founder

Oleg Pensky - Chief Scientific Officer

Olga Sivitskaya - Marketing Expert

Dmitry Okulov - Chief Technical Officer

Irina Kotova - Financial Planning and Accounting Expert

Denis Konogorov - Investments Expert

Elena Petrova - Community Manager

Mikhail Pan - Sales: Asian markets.

Yulia Trubnikova - Sales: European and US markets

Evgeny Petrikin - Sales: East markets

Ibtihaj Abrar - Product Designer


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