Real World Application of Decentralized Exchanges

Token: OAX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 22-06-2017 (363)

ICO Closing Date: 21-07-2017 (334)


OpenANX is an open, translucent and decentralized platform. ANX believes that decentralized exchange is to dominate the cryptocurrency market. The team leads the march towards this future through OpenANX that is fully opened sourced, transparently administered by ANX’s technology. OAX is an ERC20 token. It is developed to fuel an open-source decentralized exchange platform called “OpenANX”. It offers an integrated order to increase liquidity and holds collaterally for asset a gateway which reduces credit risk.

OpenOAX is a predetermined dispute resolution system and is governed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization to ensure consumer protection.  ANX platform is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization which is operated by smart contracts. The administrated model affects the method which DAO behaves and stays in the best interest of all participants.     

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Team Members

Ken Lo - Leadership

Hugh Madden - Leadership

Dave Chapman - Leadership

David Tee - Leadership

Jehan Chu - Strategy Advisory

Bok Khoo - Technology Advisory

Cerulean Hu - Development

Franco Ng - Development

Henry Chan - Development

Sawyer Zhang - Development

Brett Lettice - IT Infrastructure

Punit Dambiwal - IT Infrastructure

Claudia Lau - Operations

Vivian Leung - Human Resources

Ivan Chan - Corporate Finance

Ming Yan Cheung - Corporate Finance

Liam Bussell - Marketing

Liam Bussell - Marketing

Amanda Tung - Marketing

Peter Smith - Strategy Advisory

Lionello Lunesu - Technology Advisory

Henry Yu - Legal Advisory

Ben Tai - Strategy Advisory

Zane Tackett - Strategy Advisory


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