Desktop application as a web browser

Token: ZNT

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 15-10-2017 (275)

ICO Closing Date: 15-11-2017 (244)


OpenZen ICO is the desktop application which is used as “web browser”. Zen application integrates with daily activities which people do on the Internet. It must be without digital trash, spam and information overload. It is the radical project that completely changes the view on the Internet. It is a semi-closed decentralized social network, a search engine and a storehouse of information. The main object of the project is that the content such as text, audio, photo, and video to distribute to the participants of the network using a P2P model with the technologies of a distributed storage IPFS.

Zen is a desktop application which is a substitute of the web browser. It is a decentralized network which has influencers of servers. Zen is a new way of spending time on the internet. The system uses a cryptocurrency “Zentoken” as a means of exchanges, payments, voting, and games.

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Team Members

Ilya Druzhinin - CEO and software engineer

Alexandr Vinarskiy - Software engineer

Dima Himi - UIUX expert


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