Music Decentralized

Token: OPT

Industry : Entertainment

ICO Start Date: 23-07-2017 (359)

ICO Closing Date: 23-08-2017 (328)


OPUS is a fully decentralized music platform. It is built on Ethereum and IPFS. At the present era, the Music industry is totally shrunken. The streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music receive 80% of artist’s revenue which can be accepted by many talented artists. Music fan comes across horrible experience. The streaming services are competing for exclusive deals and lumping the music industry. Fans are struggling among the different platforms to listen to their favorite artists.

Opus is a beta-ready, 4 layer decentralized system which utilizes cutting edge for low latency IPFS as a storage layer to store songs translucently and permanently. This is an Ethereum based layer to manage all the transaction on the Opus Network. This is universal Music registry Number (UMRN) that relay and keep track of global ledger of music tracks.

Opus is flourishing scalable and stable infrastructure. The team has developed a novel 4 layer solution which drives the Opus protocol stack.

Application layer: - This is the topmost layers for Opus API to mesh with various 3rd party players to decode and deliver music tracks.

Logic Layer: - This layer which is a system of smart contracts operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. The entire user contract is stored on this layer with every user’s description keys which is reference file hashes to the IPFS storage and the business logic that handles the transaction.

Directory layer: - The directory layer is a JSON database which stores all the Hashes of tracks vacant on the Opus Network.

Storage layer: - Team collects all the tracks on the IPFS network and ensures that songs are available.

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Team Members

Bokang Jia - CEO

Mateusz Mach - COO

Chenhao Xu - CTO

Sam Peeters - Lead Developer

Rehan Gotla - Business and data analyst

Akira Rao - Full stack developer

Robert Cohan - Senior Software Engineer

Michael He - Lead China Ambassador

Mustafa Khan - Lead graphic artist

Charlie Breach - Art lead

Arief Zul - Marketing Lead


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