The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger

Token: TM-EDU

Industry : Education

ICO Start Date: 04-06-2018 (16)

ICO Closing Date: 01-07-2018 (11)


Os.university is world’s academic and Career development Ledger. It entitles 7 billion learners to integrate with world’s top academic education and professional development facilitates on the Ethereum blockchain. The team is mooting world’s first decentralized university which provides acquisition, verification, and validation of knowledge and skills.


  • L2B Smart contract: - The open source university blockchain is utilized as a distributed database. The matching of algorithm manages big data calculations which connect businesses with right candidates and optimizes recruitment costs that sources time and precision. Basically, it collects learner certification and acquired skills.
  • L2A Smart Contract: - The learners have all the degree credits securely stored in the blockchain. It allows learners to pick their career path through course suggestion algorithm based on live data business needs and provides access to a flexible, fast-track education model.
  • B2A Smart Contract: - Os.university allows businesses to access a new generation of Learning & development marketplace for learning content providers. These are filtered based on their disciplines catalogs and academic rating which are stored in the blockchain. The payments are securely managed by smart contracts and eradicate the need for middleman transaction processing.

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Team Members

Prof. Kevin Dowd - Visionary & Token Economics Lead

Gordon Kerr - Senior Investment Adviser

Hristian Daskalov - Project Lead

Jordan Jambazov - Technology Lead

Momchil Jambazov - Creative Technologist

Dobromir Kovachev - Blockchain Developer

Vladimir Tasev - Blockchain Developer

Petar Angelov - Developer

Teodora Alexieva - Marketing Specialist

Prof.Sergey Ignatov - Senior Academia Adviser

Stephan De Haes - Adviser

Detelina Smilkova - Senior Academia Adviser

Justin Looney - Project Supporter

Prof.Ognyan Andreev - Senior Research Adviser

Jeroen van Hertum - Business Adviser

Kalin Tsekov - Technology Adviser

Victor Zhang - Academia Adviser

Yana Vangelova - Community Adviser

Kuzman Iliev - Research Adviser

Vladimir Sirkarov - Research Adviser

Evelina Prodanova - Organizational Adviser

Miglen Evlogiev - Technology Adviser

Denitsa Simeonova - Community Adviser

Iva Tsolova - Community Adviser

Dr. Miroslav Pantaleev - Academia Adviser


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