Decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising

Token: PRP

Industry : Media

ICO Start Date: 12-10-2017 (278)

ICO Closing Date: 02-11-2017 (257)


Papyrus is an exclusive and eminently extensible decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack. It provides efficient, translucent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.

Payment can be done through blockchain. The blockchain – linked audit trail has a full stack of open source components for easy integration with existing systems. Papyrus has decentralized identity and reputation management for all market players. It comes with incentivized auditors with decentralized consensus on traffic quality, brand safety, and Ad quality. It doesn’t have unnecessary costs on intermediaries. Papyrus has ensured traffic quality, brand safety, and ad quality.

"Papyrus has introduces decentralized real-time bidding protocol (dRTB) for ad buying. Papyrus consists of Ethereum smart contracts, scalability solutions to manage hundreds of billions of ad impressions." It is featured with open components for easy integration and is a traditional advertising platform. Papyrus is partnered with krowd Mentor, Wings, d10e, Bancor, Ambisafe, and airpush.

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Team Members

Alexander Shvets - Product director

Leonid Eletskih - Technology Evangelist

Elena Obukhova - Communications Director

Tanya Krishtopa - Product Manager

Thomas Hulbert - Ecosystem Evangelist

Andrey Vlasenko - Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Kholodov - Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Telegin - Mobile Software Engineer

Igor Sokolov - Blockchain Engineer

Andrey Lyubimov - Research & Analytics

Aleksei Pupyshev - Mobile Software Engineer

Leonid Baranov - Lead Software Engineer

Vitaly Bubyakin - Frontend Developer

Vyacheslav Trofimov - Frontend Developer

Liza Solyanina - Graphic Designer

Ekaterina Bezverkhaya - Web and Graphic Designer

Shamil Valishev - Digital Marketing Manager

Nikolai Avramov - PR & Community manager


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