Welcome to the 1st financial marketplace as a DAO.

Token: PIP

Industry : Software

ICO Start Date: 15-01-2018 (128)

ICO Closing Date: 26-02-2018 (86)


Payroapp is the first financial marketplace which is known as DAO. It is the financial marketplace where any decentralized Application (dApp) has the ability to offer their services. The team aims to build first universal wallet which has the capacity to store most popular crypto-currencies and ERC-20 token.


Wallet: - The first stage of development after the sale of the token consists of an integration of Ethereum in order to build a Wallet. The wallet has the potentiality of storing all popular crypto-currencies and ERC-20 token.

Marketplace: - As soon the wallet is built; the team will start working on the first decentralized financial marketplace. The team believes decentralization can occur at two different layers that are as follows:-

  • DAO: - The marketplace is built on Ethereum as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
  • PayPro: - The team has invited financial dApp to offer their services which don’t have any screening process. The team aims to create an environment where all dApps will complete for becoming the user’s supplier for each service.

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Team Members

Pablo Ruiz - CEO

Gabriel Llambias - CFO- COO

Enric Giribet - CTO

Qijiong Jiang - Blockchain developer

Roger Baiget - Developer

Josep Sanjuas - ConsenSys Ethereum Developer Certification

Jonas Sevel Karlberg - Marketing Director

David Murray - Advisor

Maximilian Von Sethe - Advisor

Luis Font - Advisor

Rafael Conde del Pozo - Advisor

Franc Carreras - Advisor

Julian Vinue - Advisor


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