Collaborative cryptocurrency Ticker

Token: GUESS

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 28-10-2017 (117)

ICO Closing Date: 24-11-2017 (90)


Peerguess is a cost-free cryptocurrency price ticker application. It is basically created to answer the most of the necessary trading questions. This platform is designed with gamification experience. The solo guesses create a whole which is larger than the sum of its parts.

Peerguess has successfully raised 872 ETH during it's Pre – ICO Phase. The platform evaluates the Gem play data to offer sophisticated results, reports, and opportunities to make a profit. It has fabulous features which are free for ICO investors depending on their investment amount. GUESS tokens are built on Ethereum blockchain which is based on ERC20 tokens.

Guess token distribution plan: -

  • 60% of tokens are distributed to ICO shares.
  • 20% of tokens are reserved for liquidation
  • 10% of tokens are allotted to team
  • 5% of tokens are assigned to Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • 4% of tokens are allocated to Marketing and Business Development
  • 1% of tokens are given to Bounty Programs.

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Team Members

Seyit Ozgur - Co-founder

Levent Kurt - Co-founder

Mert Cavdar - Community Manager

Nebi Senol Yılmaz - Information Security

Jaya Gehani - Project Manager

Mangesh Vyas - Mobile Developer

Subhash Patidar - UIX Designer

Kapil Prajapati - QA Engineer

Dexter Kwak - Gamification Advisor & S.Korea Ambassador

Murat Hatipoglu - Network Security Advisor & UK Ambassador

Ebru Kurt - Legal Advisor

Can Soysal - Technical Advisor & Managing Director of Bitkapital


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