ICO plant for the production of motor oils

Token: PLM

Industry : Manufacturing

ICO Start Date: 01-11-2017 (231)

ICO Closing Date: 30-11-2017 (202)


Polymerium is a manufacturing company which manufactures motor, transmission, and other oils. The products lay under the brand “POLYMERIUM” with a unique character of the technological process and their own product recipes. As a result, the products are of a quality which can be considered as comparable with better than the quality of more expensive competitors.

This is world’s first ICO for the working factory which is based on blockchain technology. It protects against forgery. The ICO is revolutionary and integrates the present business of manufacturing with progressive blockchain technology.  Polymerium is the brand and autochemistry of motor oils plant. The main objective of Polymerium is to build a big plant and to expand it worldwide expansion of franchising mini-factories.

Polymerium is a valuable crypto – asset and an early investment in POLYMERIUM make it more profitable. It has full transparency of investment with company’s growth.  PLM is not afflicted by inflation and volatility of cryptocurrency which makes more steady investments.  

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Team Members

SERGEY SENCHIKHIN - The businessman- the founder of POLYMERIUM brand

ALEXANDER TISHIN - Businessman- Technical Director

PAVEL SUKHIH - Director of Development

DMITRIY BAUER - Developer- specialist in block-chain technology and crypto-currencies

CICHIRO SIMIDZU - Technologist- chemist- specialist in petro-chemistry sphere


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