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Token: PBL

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 01-11-2017 (258)

ICO Closing Date: 01-12-2017 (228)


Publica protocol is empowered by its currency called Pebbles (PBL, ERC20 token). It is fixed and locked supply. The protocol app layer of Customer facing apps is structured by the protocol team as a white label and open source tools available to the community for branding, extending and embedding into other applications.

Publica is based on Standard ERC20. The contract contains the mapping of PBL owners with the balance and has functions of standard approval. It allows interaction with other contracts within the protocol. The ERC 20token is unique for each book and represents a right to access to particular literary work that is linked to the smart contract.


  1. Authors:-
  • The payments are directly done
  • The translucent sales ledgers sales of digital copies and doesn’t require any audits
  • The strong resistant to censorship and tampering the immutability virtue of blockchain-based storage. The completed works are directly dated and fixed, irrespective of editions or variations sold.
  • Authors have direct control over the matter published and have the decentralized world of global e-commerce.
  1. Readers:-
  • Readers can purchase at lower prices. The payments directly reach the author’s wallet
  • The ownership is irreversible. The READ token is linked to decentralized storage and is immutable. The protocol backs the paper books print-on-demand


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Team Members

Josef Marc - CEO

Yuri Pimenov - CTO

Antons Sapriko - COO

Marc Kenigsberg - Advisor

Arne Krokan - Advisor

Sheron Wood - Advisor

Jeff Scott - Advisor


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