Pylon Network

Decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy

Token: PYLNT

Industry : Energy

ICO Start Date: 25-09-2017 (268)

ICO Closing Date: 25-11-2017 (207)


Pylon is a network structured with one purpose to create open renewable energy exchange community. It provides the energy markets with the signals and financial incentives which current energy policies and governance systems are failing to provide. The Users can exchange green energy that is bought directly from the RES producer, without the need for intervening intermediaries throughout the process. This is gained through the application of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Pylon– Coin is used for the payment of all green energy transactions. It is utilized within the financial ecosystem so that the team is urging in order to benefit the production of sustainable energy and financially support on sustainable technologies. Pylon Network is a decentralized platform that promotes decentralized energy technologies. The activity of this network is based on blockchain technologies which offer the room for the creation of trust mechanism and data management on a decentralized scale.

By integrating blockchain smart meter “Klenergy Metron” in the operation of Pylon Network, assist the role of validating all energy and currency transactions within the platform. It is feasible to reward the production of green energy. It connects grid – connected players such as producers, consumers, and prosumers with stand-alone RES2 installations.

Total premined token: 3.750.000

Token sale Pre – ICO: 750.000

Taken Sale ICO: - 2.500.000

Token Type: - Ethereum based

Initial price per token: $1, 52

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Team Members

Gerard Bel - CTO

Agustin Roig - CTO

Markos Romanos - COO

Eugenio Moliner - CIO

Marc Feliu - DEV

Gerard Arall - DEV

Cesar Sanz - DEV

Alex Lopez - Analyst

Jose Alvarez - Analyst

Joaquin Mora - Co CTO


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