General purpose JavaScript programming language

Token: XRJ

Industry : Software

ICO Start Date: TBD

ICO Closing Date: TBD


Radjav helps developers to design a multiplatform application that has a similar appearance, coding, and functions. These applications are designed across Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and HTML5. The developers can easily send and receive funds over blockchain using XRJ Coins. The user can create his own cloud storage service with the release of Blockchain V3.

The developer can design desktop and HTML5 applications using the same code or Create custom themes with HTML5. Radjav is currently supported on Windows and HTML5. It is a decentralized blockchain datacenter that safely mines and transfer funds using XRJ coins. The computers hosting RadJav applications will earn coins from the applications.

The 3D Engine quickly creates video games that can be operated on multiple platforms. Radjav helps to create multiplayer games with WebSocket Support. Radjav is partnered with CryptoConsulatant and BlockChainTV.

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Team Members

NATHANAEL COONROD - Managing Member and Lead Developer

CHRIS KERN - Strategic Adviser


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