Investment portal with accurate and timely data

Token: STN

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 31-07-2017 (351)

ICO Closing Date: 01-12-2017 (228)


The goal of Rados is to give accurate and convenient data to users in cryptocurrency community. The team is planning to build most exclusive investor portal and empower the subscribers to make wise investment decisions. This comes with an amazing feature where the user can track all of his token’s transactions on the blockchain and it provides him with a frame of the businesses update.

Rados has a token called Saturn (STN), it is an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has infrastructures of miners, wallets, and exchanges. Saturn is associated with Rados and implements series of Ethereum smart contracts. This smart contract ensures that each and every financial transaction is visible, transparent and rectified by the third person. Rados is the first platform which uses Saturn as the payment currency for premium service subscriptions. Rados can be operated on Google Cloud Platform by using the infrastructure that empowers Google’s own services.  


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