Real Estate Asset Ledger

Token: REAL

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 31-08-2017 (320)

ICO Closing Date: 30-09-2017 (290)


What is REAL?

Real Estate Asset Ledger is advanced Ethereum Smart-Contracts that applies Blockchain technologies to the Real Estate investment industry. This gives greater access to global investment in the real estate domain lowering the entry-level barriers and increasing the market liquidity. This offers an effective investment and secure value of the existing 50-100 Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency into the less impulsive and flourishing Real Estate industry by generating rental income and value appreciation.

Real Estate Crypto-Crowd funding:

Real estate crowdfunding is a vibrant and expanding industry, sprouting to an estimated $3.5 billion in 2016. By 2025, the crowdfunding industry is predictable to be valued at more than $300 billion and online real-estate marketplaces are prepared to make to make an explosive growth. People from all over the world will be at benefit from the Real Estate profit potential worldwide while performing transactions with easiness. It is convincing and certain that a real estate crowdfunding that utilizes Blockchain and cryptocurrency platform will revolutionize the market.

How the Crowdfunding site will work?

The users will acquire economic rights of the Real Estate assets by paying with REAL tokens. On purchase of these Tokens, as with any cryptocurrency; they may either opt to keep them or trade the tokens. Investors can also either use their tokens to buy into Real estate properties by exchanging their tokens for REAL Property Participation (RPP). The profits gained from REAL investments will be paid in Ether.


  • Solid Foundation: Reputable solid team is the founders with solid financial and legal company.
  • REAL Tokens: REAL tokens that are invested in crowdfunding platform are 100% asset-backed that minimizes the risk and volatility of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Global Reach: REAL will facilitate global investments into real-world assets directly from an Ethereum ERC20 tuned wallet.
  • No Minimum Investment: One can invest in Real Estate with reserved to a substantial sum. With REAL tokens users can own a property without a “No minimum” barrier.
  • Audited: REAL financials and assets will be audited timely; on a monthly basis.
  • Real Estate Industry: Real estate is one of the most industries worldwide. Thus REAL provides modernization to this domain.

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Team Members

Enrique Dubois - CEO & Co-Founder

Bernardo Hernández - Co-Founder

Javier Llabrés - CTO

David Ortega - Ethereum developer

Melissa Sapmaz - Communications Director

Miguel Covas - COO

Arnau Porto - Advisor

Gregorio Martín-Montalvo - Advisor

Bernardo Oliver - Advisor

David Riudor - Advisor

Carlos Rodriguez Antón - Advisor

Andreu Rodriguez i Donaire - Advisor


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