Real estate listings and advertising

Token: RLT

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 07-09-2017 (313)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (259)


Realt provides a marketplace for real estate rentals, property listings and advertising services based on REALT tokens. Realt Ltd aims to support market freedoms and direct payments without any intermediate and extra charges. It is used to endorsed values and technologies of the cryptocurrencies community and to convey to the people worldwide.

There are direct payments between market participants in REALT tokens. These tokens are utilized to pay for advertising services of the REALT marketplace. It is also used outside REALT marketplace directly by using transfer between wallets. The global community can also go for REALT a token which provides additional services and builds platforms.

REALT supports market freedoms which endorse values and technologies of the cryptocurrencies community. Realt is featured in ICO Tracker, Smith + Crown, ICO Bazar, Coin Schedule, Coinhills, Foundico and ICO bench.

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Team Members

Oleg Razdzialouski - Co-founder

Kirill Sherman - Co-founder


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