First decentralized affiliate platform

Token: RefToken

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 17-11-2017 (241)

ICO Closing Date: 17-12-2017 (211)


RefToken is building the apps based on blockchains. It connects developers with the brands and marketers that can make their projects to go on the mainstream. The blockchain is fascinating some excellent technological and financial talent in the world. The AirBNB, Uber and the rest of the sharing economy has rattled the user/provider relationship. These are perceived to be created at the final step of the evolution of the B2C relationship that eradicates the middleman to design C2C business models.

The tokens will be purchased by merchants and held in escrow by RefToken to assure adequate funds to be pay affiliates for their services. The payments of RefToken are done through smart contracts. Reftoken is partnered Ambisafe, E & S Group, and Rouge.

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Team Members

Jan Sammut - CEO

Alexander Anter - CTO

Manuel Granados - Blockchain Developer

Oleksii Matiiasevych - Smart Contract Developer

Johann Barbie - Blockchain Advisor

Per Wolf - Marketing & Affiliate Advisor

Dr Christian Ellul - Legal & compliance advisor

Desmond Marshall - Industry advisor


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