Real estate rental auction platform

Token: REST

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 25-11-2017 (207)

ICO Closing Date: 25-01-2018 (146)

Accepting: is a real estate rental auction. The landlords provide potential tenants who bid to rent the real estate. It not only has an auction format, it also allows for regular rental offers. The service is available on a website and Andriod/iOS apps. The system facilities potential tenants to appraise the travel time from the property to a required geolocation. The prices for real estate are based on data analysis. The user can check 3D photos of the space and access an account area to share utility bills and communicate with the landlord. The account area and services for chats are subscription-based.

Relest is based on Ethereum ERC20 token. The platform provides to pay utilizing its own cryptocurrency called REST. It can be converted into fiat currency into a card and back in the account area. The operations with the fiat currency can be performed using a tied bank card. It can be used to exchange currency that is facilitated through integrated cryptocurrency exchange.

Relest has amazing features which follow:-

  • Auction Platform
  • 360° photo gallery
  • Travel time Calculation
  • User Area
  • Auto-generated Contract
  • P2P Payments
  • Android/Web/iOS

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Team Members

Anuar Zhilkibagarov - CEO- Founder

Daulet Myrzan - Lead developer

Michael Tarassov - Blockchain expert- lead engineer

Pedro - Jordao Advisor


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