Decentralized Data & Applications Platform for Companies and Developers

Token: REPUX

Industry : Software

ICO Start Date: 06-02-2018 (106)

ICO Closing Date: 09-03-2018 (75)


Repux is a decentralized data and applications protocol recommended for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is found online at and aims to resolve issues for SMEs as enterprises have terabytes of data stored within the system. They come across some trouble using the data for better business decisions. Repux aims to create a marketplace for the parties who can interact with one another.

Repux is a platform which has various types of corporate and user data which can be monetized and exchanged between different parties. It integrates multiple decentralized technologies like IPFS, Sia, and Ethereum. Repux utilizes an API which allows marketplaces which can be created by third parties. These parties can create the marketplace which matches their specific niche. It allows users to establish various business to business (B2B) data. It shares possibilities for the excess user and corporate data. It is the highly decentralized marketplace for data and information.

The ecosystem revolves around the use of RepuX tokens that eradicates the necessity of middlemen and intermediaries across multiple industries. The participants in the RepuX marketplace will have an optional reputation system. The developers will interact with RepuX marketplace by purchasing and receiving access to company data in a source way. The developers can utilize data which creates decentralized applications. The developers will also be able to access data through a RESTful API. The reputation is verified by an Oracle system that checks previous transactions from participants.


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Team Members


Aleksandra Staszewska - PRODUCT TEAM


Daniel Kmak - DEV TEAM

Przemysław Kocznur - DEV TEAM

Krzysztof Durałek - DEV TEAM

Dawid Rashid - DEV TEAM

Taras Bazyshyn - DEV TEAM

Rafał Książek - DEV TEAM

Damian Babula - DEV TEAM

Pierre Benezech - DEV TEAM

Dr Jay Best - Advisor

Lee Murphy - Advisor

Mateusz Mach - Advisor

Yagub Rahimov - Advisor

Douglas Pike - Advisor


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