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Token: RQX

Industry : Business Services

ICO Start Date: 20-02-2018 (92)

ICO Closing Date: 31-03-2018 (53)


Requitix is a global e-commerce payment gateway solution for any type of website. It can be used to take payments through the web or mobile apps. The Requitix is based on Ethereum blockchain. It is global eCommerce Market right from the mobile phone. The user can combine scammer, spammer protection and trusted reviews and get complete e-commerce solution. This will help users to resolve problems for e-commerce site owners.


  • Trusted reviews: - The user gets real reviews from real customers on the blockchain.
  • Scammer Protection: - Requitix eliminates scammers and spammers before they strike.
  • Mobile Payments: - The user can pay merchants, friends, and family with the click of a button with RQX Mobile App.
  • Zero ChargBacks: - Requitix doesn’t charge for the transactions. This is a complete solution for payments.
  • Lowest Fees: - Requitix has the lowest fee when compared to other payment. The user must only pay 5% of the amount.
  • Send Globally: - The user can send RQX internationally across borders without any middleman.
  • No Tracing: - The payments are anonymous without being tracked. The identity of the person is secured and is not revealed.
  • Fast Transactions:- The transactions are securely verified using Requitix system

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Team Members

Tom Boyle - CEO & Cofounder

Michael Reece - CTO- Cofounder & Lead Developer

Bogdan Fiedur - Advisor

Chuck Hester - Advisor

Casey Enstrom - Advisor

Andrew Boon - Advisor

Marc Lesnick - Advisor

Michael Carter - Advisor

Jennifer Fry - HR


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