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Token: RHEA

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 02-10-2017 (261)

ICO Closing Date: 30-10-2017 (233)


Rhea is a revolutionary crypto – equity hybrid token. The Rhea Crypto20 has increased capital index and is enabling different ways of fencing. The speculation and investment in the cryptocurrency market can be featured without owning any individual currency. The user can utilize Rhea token to buy and sell on this platform or facilitate market liquidity for extra return. The token has provided a quarterly dividend to all token holders and market participants.     

Rhea has a clear intent to create synergy between finance and cryptocurrencies. It has adopted equity. It removes obscurity and irregularity associated with it. Rhea gives daily transactions data for all accounts across the platform. The transparency and accountability have been regulated in the industry. Rhea platform has many applications and can be known for its Versatility.    

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Team Members

Detelin Sertov - Co-founder

Georgi Kirilov - Co-founder

Vesselin Antonov - Lead developer

Martina Chikova - Design expert

Lyubomira Naneva - Marketing specialist


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