Token: GRG

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 15-03-2018 (69)

ICO Closing Date: 31-03-2018 (53)


Rigoblock enables users to create blockchain token pools easily and implementing digital token strategies. It is an innovative platform which creates trading funds. The vision is to democratize access to hedge fund managers for the young talents. The Rigoblock provides first decentralized and serverless structure of investment funds. Rigoblock creates funds in real time at minimum cost.

Rigoblock is built on Ethereum blockchain, it is a financial engine built on Ethereum 3.0 protocol. The team believes in adopting an innovative and expanding in parallel and is scalable of the Ethereum blockchain. RigoBlock is a serverless decentralized application. It clouts on the Ethereum blockchain and is the example of one of the targeted used cases of Ethereum. It expands to the masses a product which is available to a few privileged ones. RigoBlock addresses the issues of high costs in setting up and managing an investment fund.



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Team Members

Gabriele Rigo - Head of RigoBlock

Hanna Keskin - Team member

David Fava - Team member


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