The Decentralized & Mobile Cyber Security Token

Token: RvT

Industry : Cyber Security

ICO Start Date: 10-08-2017 (341)

ICO Closing Date: 10-09-2017 (310)


Rivetz cyber protection token offers validation and guarantee of privacy and surety at a hardware level. With blockchain technology, Rivetz integrates true privacy protection measure across multiple devices powered by RvT token. A confidential hardware “vault” which is entirely independent of the Operating system on your phone works through the trusted execution environment. Rivetz at this site endeavors to regulate your private info, your passwords, and other secrets.
The RvT provides core infrastructure for cybersecurity & seeks to completely enable millions of devices that have built-in security. The existing customers of Rivetz in the US government & DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) have a firm launch of the base to force the expansion.


The RvT tokens are predictable to be traded for Cyber control Services. Rivetz frames a couple of API’s that will be published for everyone to discover.


The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) of the Rivetz Ecosystem protects the secrets, finances & privacy. It’s like the hidden vault that is already embedded in most of the phones and no OS or software can tap on the phone.The TEE applications include; Mobile Wallet, Chat/ Voice,Storage, Cloud Authentication.

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Team Members

Steven Sprague - CEO & Cofounder

Michael Sprague - CTO & Cofounder

Sean Gilligan - VP Engineering

Mark Hoblit - Senior Developer

Greg Laun - Software Developer

George Gilder - Board Member

Bradley Rotter - Vice Chair

Joe Trippi - Board Member

Mathew Roszak - Advisor

David A. Johnston - Advisor

Ari Singer - Advisor

Greg Kazmierczak - Advisor

Andy Tarbox - Advisor

Parity Technologies - Advisor


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