Robot Vera

AI robot-recruiter

Token: Vera

Industry : Infrastructure

ICO Start Date: TBD

ICO Closing Date: TBD


Robot Vera is used for searching qualified Employees. It is an Al robot – recruiter.  Vera completes its hiring process within three hours. It helps User to find the best candidate for a job and invites them to a final interview with the employer. The robot recruiter curtails the time and labour costs. This also reduces the cost of hiring by 50%, reduces 150 customers with 60 + thousand qualified responses. The monthly revenue grows from 50% to 100%. It increases the gross margin up to 50%.

The cost of hiring qualified candidates in a company increases to 10% with recruitment agencies. The deadlines are difficult to manage. The customers can pay for the number of candidate responses. The responses are said that a candidate fulfilling all the hiring requirements maintains by the customer and is interested in a particular position. The price starts from $150 for small, medium-sized businesses and $1600 for customers with 1000+ employees. There are more than 150 customers in Russia. 

Robot Vera is first HR Technology Company that sets an ICO. It features real product with expanding the business. It is an innovation which goals to contribute the transformation. The main aim is to digitalize HR market by automating the processes and combine the best from three markets such as traditional, virtual and cryptocurrencies.

The total size of the global recruitment market is $500,000,000,000. The 90% of the size is divided between 10 biggest markets such as China, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and Netherlands. The Russian market is estimated to around $250 – 450 million.

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Team Members

Vladimir Sveshnikov - Co-founder and CEO

Aleksandr Uraksin - Co-founder and CFO

Alexey Kostarev - Co-owner and CBDO

Dmitry Kiselev - СОО

Lev Lybin - CTO


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