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Token: ROCK

Industry : Business Services

ICO Start Date: 01-11-2017 (258)

ICO Closing Date: 15-12-2017 (214)


Rocket ICO establishes a new era in the relations between startups teams and investors by utilizing blockchain technologies and Smart Contracts. All these agreements are fair and secure. The transactions are fast, translucent and the interactions are comprehensive and efficient.

Rocket ICO is the world’s first online startup accelerator. It is based on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. The model designs a new chart for the safe and more effective interaction among the project teams, investors and experts in the context of creating and launching the projects. The funds raised by RocketICO are utilized for developing the platform, building community and maintain the economic activities of the project.

Rocket ICO has its own token called ROCK token. It is supported by simplicity and speed of entering into internal transactions. There is no commission for internal transactions. The transactions are translucent and safe. RocketCoin (ROCK) backs all the internal transactions in the business projects currently running on the platform. The blockchain reduces the risk and increases the level of business securitization which lowers the transaction costs. The platform creates a notion of the customer which drives the development to a new level.   

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Team Members

Gabil Tagiev - CEO

Arthur Pinchuk - Board Director for IT Strategy

Dmitry Korzhik - Product development

Sasha Shuhayeu - COO

Gleb Solovyoff - CMO

Sergei Logvin - Community management- HR

Elena Shugaeva - Strategic Partnerships

Nikita Lobushkin - Ux/Ui Designer

Anna Khinevich - QA Engineer

Andrew Miroshnichenko - Chief Knowledge Officer

Kirill Fomichev - SEO Specialist

Vitali Oukhvanov - Video Production

Olga Noskovich - Designer

Alexander Zdzeshchyts - Content Manager

Caroline Rynkevich - Community Manager

Aleksandr Naumenok - Blockchain developer

Nadia Petrashevich - Project Manager

Sergey Demiashev - Blockchain developer

Artem Malofeevskiy - Web Developement

Yury Zhuk - Web Developer

Valentine Zavgorodnev - Advisor

Alex Krol - Advisor

Raman Korneu - Advisor


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