An interactive cyberpunk thriller


Industry : Media

ICO Start Date: 04-10-2017 (286)

ICO Closing Date: 02-11-2017 (257)


RoseCode is a bilateral multimedia reality which every user can experience. There are many new ideas and innovates available on RoseCode. It helps the user to find new characters with their own confidential matters. It is a book, video game and a movie designed by a team of developers.

RoseCode ICO is associated with a sale of RoseCoin tokens. The tokens are sold on the OMNI trading platform. It is not only a blockchain technology but also a game based on blockchain technology. Rosecode uses the power of Creative Commons licensing to create a new paradigm.

Anyone can invent, tell stories, build games or film a movie. This is the first science fiction that belongs to fans. The RoseCoin token offers a new economic model. It also rewards designers for the true economic value of their work.

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