Sahara Chain

AI-Driven Cryptocurrency Exchange & Payment

Token: SAND

Industry : Infrastructure

ICO Start Date: 20-10-2017 (270)

ICO Closing Date: 29-12-2017 (200)


Sahara Chain is a cryptocurrency Exchange platform for the Middle East and North Africa. The block consists of cryptocurrency exchange like SaharaEx and a cryptocurrency Platform Gateway such as SaharaGate, SaharaWallet, and SaharaAnalytics. The SaharaChain Ecosystem empowers the platform to accelerate the acceptance of the blockchain technologies and Cryptocurrencies.

Dubai is one of the most powerful countries in the world and is going to utilize blockchain technology by 2020. SaharaEx is a cryptocurrency for exchanging cryptocurrencies with each other. It also uses third-party verification to increase security. SaharaGate is complete payment solution that facilities corporate and individuals to trade products and services against cryptocurrencies.

SaharaWallets manages multi – cryptocurrency to provide an amazing experience to the user. The wallets are created to ensure that even non – technical users can utilize tokens easily. SaharaChain Business Wallet maintains multiple cryptocurrencies. The items sold on fait prices are converted into cryptocurrency at the SaharaGate Gateway exchange rate. Sellers must integrate their online store and website to receive cryptocurrency payment. Sahara Chain also empowers Merchant POS integration and API to assimilate with other systems.

SaharaAnalytics is an excellent data-driven Analytics Engine. It is created by utilizing various machine learning techniques such as deep – learning and reinforcement learning. The sand token is a utility token for SaharaChain services such as SaharaEx exchange. These services can be paid through ETH or SAND tokens. If in case SAND tokens are out of stock then services on SaharaChain can be paid through ETH or other cryptocurrencies like BTC and LTC.


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Team Members

Ghiath Osman - Founder & CEO

Abdulrahman Al-lahham - Advisor

Khalil A Jaouni - Advisor

Utpal Nath - Senior executive

Zuheir Mheir - Advisor

Al-Tayeb Ahmed Sidqi Al-Dajani - Advisor


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