The world's first electronic option for high-quali

Token: SND

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 18-09-2017 (275)

ICO Closing Date: 18-10-2017 (245)


The project is a golden opportunity to invest in SAND COIN blockchain option which enforces through blockchain platform. It is based on the real product of cubic meters and mortar sand. This is first sand quarry project through funding cryptocurrency through designing a blockchain for mining non – metallic materials. It is a cognate product based on a real product. This new economic system for non – metallic material and business is created through blockchain technology. It avows business owners, investors and private entitles to participate in the development of a new digital economy for an efficient profit.   

The team aims to boost funds through blockchain system and an ICO to expand the sand quarry in the Moscow region. Designing a real product based on blockchain is an option for a low price and issue SAND COIN that includes enter of cryptocurrency market and subsequent purchasing them. They also provide a profitable asset to interested investors.

The main of the SandCoin is to raise funds for financing sand quarry development. It wants facilitates mining and selling of the product development of new queries under the SAND COIN project. Assimilation of partners – other sand quarries and non – metallic material deposits into SAND COIN.  

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Team Members

Ruslan Pichugin - CEO

Grachkov Kirill - COO

Eduard Egorov - CMO

Eugene Khashin - CTO

Igor Saruhanov - Ambassador


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