A Better Way to Trade Crypto-Markets

Token: SAN

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 04-07-2017 (351)

ICO Closing Date: 05-07-2017 (350)


Santiment is a platform that allows to trade crypto-markets in a better way. The Market Datafeeds, Newswires and Crowd Sentiment Insights are used for blockchain technology. As we all know that today’s crypto-markets are operated by crowd sentiment. The fear and promotion determine the price action. The Santiment provides clarity with market sentiment content and offers data feeds which are unique.

The user must regularly upgrade himself with the market news and insights with updates of blockchain that takes place in trends available. All the information such as newsletters, articles, and reports are integrated across the web. Santiment furnishes all the information of cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. The comprehensive content streams. The user can instantly access the library of the blockchain, sentiment and crowdsourced data feeds. By Connecting API, it allows sentiment to power their applications with crypto’s most refined data feeds.


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Team Members

Maksim Balashevich - Founder

Dmitry Palchun - Ethereum Scientist

Dorjee Sun - COO

Valentin Mihov - CTO

Tzanko Matev- - PhD Developer / Mathematician

Kim Carson - Designer

Feng Jiahong - Graphic Illustrator

Kelvin “Wilhelm” Lee - Community Manager

Garry Kabankin - Project Coordinator


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