SGA Consulting

Trade recommendations

Token: SGA

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 21-09-2017 (298)

ICO Closing Date: 20-11-2017 (238)


SGA Consulting services are ingenious and automated. It gives trade recommendations for opening/closing positions on the financial markets with the profits. SGA Consulting has released their own tokens and exchanges them for Ethereum. This project also fascinates funding to develop the international market.

The client must follow the trading recommendations to gain the profit. The requirements to become a customer are not essential; Client without having any knowledge of trading in the financial market can excel in his field. It hardly takes few minutes to open and close positions in the financial market with the available recommendations. The service is fully automated and is analyzed to check the affairs in financial markets and for the open position for customers. The blockchain technology in SGA allows the user to figure out the history of generated trading recommendations.

The personal cabinet is provided to clients so that they can develop the trade recommendations, to subscribe and pay for online. It also features the latest news of the service. There is a demo for acquainted services, after which client gets 7 recommendations for input or output and check the quality. The paid subscription packages are included for individual tariffs for VIP customers.

SGA has mobile service applications for iOS and Android are designed, which can be downloaded. The client has to submit his order list to the stockbroker to execute the transaction in accordance with the received recommendation.

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Team Members

Andrey Slesarenko - Project Founder

Marina Kardakova - Finance Director

Alexander Kiselev - Chief Technology Officer

Sergey Golovanov - Main Business Developer

George Erman - Escrow-agent


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