Silent Notary

Records evidence. Anytime, anywhere.

Token: SNTR

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 21-08-2017 (330)

ICO Closing Date: 18-09-2017 (302)


SilentNotary is the first blockchain Notary Company in the world. This is an evidence safeguarding system in the Smartphone. The communications, Images, Video-Audio, Documents, and E-mail can be stored in this application. It brings an existence to evidence, ownership, and integrity of the data. It is potent in nature, but simple to utilize mathematical algorithm.

SilentNotary is a digital notary which saves the certified documents, emails, chats and audio-video recordings. It has secure authenticity while using blockchain technology. As these days it is difficult to manage the data and this leads to the misinterpretation or misappropriation of data. Silent Notary helps to protect, save and securely store data by using certifying data using Silent Notary. This is a big step toward a fast-moving world.

Silent Notary comes with few features which are as follows:-

  • Chat Bot: - It records all the chats on all the popular messaging apps.
  • Multi-Chat Bot: - SilentNotary can easily cast the conversion assistants to a multi-chat. These recorded conversations are certified and saved.
  • Mail Bot: - SilentNotary can be added to the receiver’s list for certifying all the correspondence.
  • Audio Recording: - This audio recording option is used to record verbal agreements and to prevent all the future confusions or delusions.
  • Video Recording: - SilentNotary comes with amazing features that are used to record and certify the Video calls which are made.
  • Notary Vault: - The data is steadily stored in the Notary Vault. It is accessible when needed.
  • Smart Contract: - SilentNotary is an Ethreum-based platform; Universa is described as the 2nd platform for designing additional moves.
  • Product Ecosystem: - User can access to the global ecosystem of professionals from different legislations and legal practices.  

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Team Members

Maxim Breus - Founder & Head of Legal

Aleksey Petrov - Founder & Head of Finance

Khalid Azaimi - Strategist

Valery Golovanov - Escrow

James Waggoner - PR & Communications

Jarek Rozynski - Marketing Specialist

Abhishek Singla - Online Marketer & Evangelist

Roman Sukhach - Blockchain Expert & Head of Development

Albert Alekseev - Mobile Developer

Sergei Mazov - Senior Blockchain Developer

Vitor Lourenco - Community & Social Media Manager

Johan Struijk - Crypto Advisor & Investor


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