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Token: HLTH

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 22-02-2018 (145)

ICO Closing Date: 22-03-2018 (117)


Health Nexus is an open-source blockchain protocol. It provides an efficient trustworthy and secure path for the data to travel. It is open to everyone such as the patients, providers, pharmaceuticals to researchers or supply chain to consumers. It comes with an innovative data transfer for the healthcare community. It is a decentralized: open source which is built on and governed by a conglomerate.


  • Open Source: - Health Nexus developer tools are open source and Free. It allows community members to build and deploy distributed apps. The developers can create solutions for any part of healthcare such as patients, healthcare providers, insurers, pharmacies and clinical researchers.
  • Token: Health Cash: - As health Nexus is a new blockchain every transaction taking place in Health Nexus Blockchain requires Health Cash (HLTH). It opens new revenue stream opportunities for patients and providers.
  • Healthcare-grade Security: - Health Nexus is a new blockchain. It is a healthcare-grade as it governs and validates protocol. It ensures that HIPAA-compliant servers are allowed on the ecosystem. This is a recognized standard in healthcare which states that Health Nexus is securely adoptable.
  • Distributed Protocol: - The built-in key pair system provides users to securely share their data with healthcare providers. The audited smart contracts automatically update providers and ensure that all physicians involved in the process are informed of the latest diagnoses and treatments.


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Team Members

Katherine Kuzmeskas- MPH - Co-Founder- CEO

Lucas Hendren - Co-Founder- CTO

Jake Dreier- MBA - Director- Growth & Operations

David Akers - Senior Advanced Blockchain Engineer

David Korn- MPA- FACHE - Business Development Strategist

Kenny Winn- MHA - Business Development Strategist

Lori Dollard - Business Development Strategist


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