Global esports wagering brand

Token: SKR

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 20-10-2017 (270)

ICO Closing Date: 20-11-2017 (239)


Skrilla is a licensed and a regulated global esports wagering brand. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Skrilla token is the core unit of exchange and provides the gaming community with the world’s premier esports wagering platform. This platform is live. The roadmap features a betting exchange, pool betting, and skill-based competitions.


  • Reduced Fees: - The fees are driven by intermediaries. The cutting costs are expunged by blockchain and it increases prize pool payouts.
  • Global Pools: - The token is utilized as the global unit of exchange. It eradicates regional currencies which allow cross-border participation, liquidity and improves odds.
  • Incentivized Networks: - the tokens are dispersed to the members for the purpose of incentivizing engagement, referral, and retention and drives network effects for the benefit of the communities.
  • Trust and Transparency: - The blockchain evolves in documentation and enduring transactions. It prevents tampering and improves audibility.

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Team Members

Nick Heaney - CEO and Co-founder

Damon Oudejans - COO and Co-founder

Jeremy Hare - CTO

Ash Guy - Head of User Technology

Thomas Ponting - Software Engineer

Riad chikhani - Co-founder

Phillip Luu - Director of Services & Product

Andrew Nguyen - Software Engineer

Tracey Yau - Web Developer

Benn Godenzi - Director of Marketing

Chance Waters - Director of Partnerships

Ben Lundin - Director of Marketing

Dan Crane - Advisor

Craig Meagher - Advisor

Lucas Cullen - Advisor

Scott Cross - Advisor

Adrian Mccullagh - Advisor

Alistair Doulin - Advisor

Jamie Skella - Advisor


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