The Future of News on the Blockchain

Token: TM-SNP

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 29-09-2017 (291)

ICO Closing Date: 28-10-2017 (262)


Snip is consolidated news platform, decentralized which is powered by the community. Anyone can easily update or write the short news story about any topics and readers can find news that matters to them. Contributors are rewarded according to reader’s feedback. Writers get rewards for their viewership. Advertisers use it to buy ad space. Users pay for premium services like audio snips.

Snip is a decentralized network which is powered by content creators and optimized by AI. This platform has “SnipCoin” a new ERC20 token. Advertisers can pay with SnipCoin to buy ad space.

The erc20 token has direct tipping and micropayments with smart contracts. It allows for new incentive models for contributors. Every news snippet in the Snip platform is hosted on the distributed web (IPFS). Snip is the future of news on the blockchain technology. One ETH is equal to 76250 SNIP. There are around 2,000 News Snippets, 25,000 Active Users, and 1,000 paying Subscribers. Snip is partnered with Bancor, GoodWin, Wings, and AdEx.


Funds Allocation: - 60% of funds are used for platform development. 10% of funds are used for Sales, Marketing, and Internal Content creators. 13% of funds are allocated to Administration and 7% of funds are reserved.

Token Distribution: - 28% of the token is distributed to Crowdsale. 30% of the token is allocated to the future sale. 21% of the token is assigned to Community Writers and Devs. 20.5% of tokens are distributed among Team and Partners. 


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Team Members

Ran Reichman - CEO

Rani Horev - CTO

Ofir Avigad - Marketing

Richard Titus - Advisor


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