Decentralized cross platform social network

Token: SCL

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 17-08-2017 (334)

ICO Closing Date: 15-09-2017 (305)


Social is a cryptocurrency that is operated in Nexus platform. It is basically a social network which is built on modern technologies that associate popular features of e-commerce and crowdfunding. The network primitively focuses on privacy; control the settings, security and listens to the voice of the community. It is safe and exclusive decentralized social network with an associated marketplace and ad platform.

Nexus goals to accommodate a full social interface which is associated with a functional marketplace and ad platform that uses the native coin called as Social. Nexus is a glooming and well-established product on iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Web. The Nexus Debit Card can be connected to the “Social Coins” and used as fiat currency. Nexus account wallet is also known as Multi- Wallet which has the capacity to hold and store any Ethereum ERC20 standard token.

The user can integrate Tor API and VPN to the mobile application. Nexus is safe and private social network. It is completely transparent and User’s data is securely stored in the application. The team is planning to associate a fully functional and semi-automated ad platform. The ad Platform enables users to design ads which are displayed in the news feed. Each and every ad that goes through Nexus is analyzed for its quality purpose.                

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Team Members

Jade Mulholland - Founder & Lead Developer

Mo Abbas - Backend & Solidity Developer

Selena Bunting - Public Relations

Sara Fitzwilliam - Nexus Support

Kelly Gooch - Social Media

Gareth Benjamin - Full Stack Developer

Ryan Dobbs - Senior Developer

Frank Bonnet - Advisor

Hansco Leek - Advisor


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