Healthcare on Blockchain

Token: CAN

Industry : Health care Industry

ICO Start Date: 21-02-2018 (146)

ICO Closing Date: 19-05-2018 (59)


SolveCare is global blockchain for coordination administration and payments of healthcare. It has made health care affordable and easy for everyone. This platform utilizes blockchain technology that reduces the humongous global clinic and IT system costs which are associated with the current healthcare system. The revolutionary platform has vast components that are available to all parties involved. ‘


  1. Patients: - Patients can make instant appointments with doctors and understand his insurance. The patients have 24/7 access to the medical records. The user can review and pay bills
  2. Doctors & Hospitals: - They can handle appointments and spontaneously issue prescriptions for the same. Doctors can also coordinate with the specialists and access to the accurate records.
  3. Employers: - The employers can administer the benefits and reduce the healthcare costs. The employers can easily reward their employee for completing the task. also offers affordable benefits packages.
  4. Administrators & Insurers: - connects all stakeholders and personalized the care treatment. Administrators are accurately and timely paid and reduces the cost of centralized system


Solve.Care platform aims to improve health through the effective care coordination and empowers the consumer to manage their healthcare decisions. It reinstates duplicate systems and automates the complex process that reduces billions of dollars in annual costs. This represents an innovate new approach that fights fraud, waste, and abuse. Basically, It brings translucent and liability to healthcare administration.


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Team Members

Pradeep Goel - CEO

Vadym Vorobiov - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. David Randall- Ph.D. - Senior Policy Advisor


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