New generation crowdfunding platform.

Token: SIO

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 15-10-2017 (275)

ICO Closing Date: 15-11-2017 (244)


SpaceICO project gains profit on ICO’s for the promising startups. The estimated profit of the project is around 160-340% per annum. The SpaceICO assures that, it gives 90% of the profit from the project operation. It gives high profitability that increases the cost of token for the startups.

SpaceICO gives 90% of profit to the SIO token holders. The remaining 10% of the profit is dispersed among SpaceICO team. It utilizes blockchain to increase transparency and has stable work atmosphere. The distributed open data registers facilitate SpaceICO to have access to all the online key data of the company. The reports can be easily verified by any organization or individual.

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Team Members

Denis Kovalskiy - Co-founder- CEO

Fedor Girusov - Co-founder- COO

Dmitry Polosuhin - СТО

Lucas Cullen - Smart Contract Development

Andrii Naidonov - Designer

Andrii Naidonov - Designer


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