Decentralized sports investment&funding ecosystem

Token: SPF

Industry : Sports

ICO Start Date: 21-11-2017 (238)

ICO Closing Date: 08-12-2017 (221)


SportyFi is a decentralized sports investment and funding ecosystem. Athletes are facing many problems relating to their training and participation in events across the globe. There are various sports clubs and other sports organizations which have intense financial liquidity issues. The professional sports have high entry barrier for athletes and small investors.

  1. Athletes: - SportyFi eradicated all the barriers and consequently changes the financing in the sports industry by deploying blockchain-based financing platform. It helps athletes, clubs and other organizations to raise funds which are required to gain success.
  2. Investors: - SportyFi implements a wider community to invest in sport; It is an industry worth USD 620 billion with the constant growth. The existing model can be disrupting for financing participants in Sports. This opens a new chapter in the sports industry and democratizes sports investment.

 The two pillars of SportyFi

  • The SportyFi Smart Manager Platform: - This enables donations with the details of sponsorship smart contracts of different types has a complex investment smart contract. The athlete, a club or another sports organization will provide a long-term deal for sharing their future income. Basically, it connects probable investors to raise the funds which are required to achieve goals.
  • The SportyFi Professional Fund: - The SportyFi’s token Crowdsale is allotted to funds raised to a special SportyFi Professional Fund. The funds are invested in the athletes who have the greatest potential in exchange for future return. These are based on Prize money, image rights, transfer fees and other rights of an athlete. The team of sports industry such as advisors and professional investigate and then choose fee athletes with the potential to invest and facilitates the growth of the fund and SportyFi ecosystem.   

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Team Members

Marko Filej - Co-founder- CEO

Simon Zgavec - Co-founder- Legal & Compliance

Tomaz Cepon - Co-founder

Amir Huskic - CTO

Blaz Carli - Lead Developer

Sladana Cevriz - Community Coordinator

Romina Kavcic - Design Strategy

Mitja Ribic - Frontend Developer

Soni Makarovic - User Experience

Neva Omerzu - Content Manager

Charlie Shrem - Advisor

Peter M Moricz - Advisor

Graeme Conradie - Advisor

Tomislav Mucic - Advisor

Igor Zgonc - Advisor

Andrej Plankar - Advisor

Peter Sepetavc - Advisor

Jaka Mele - Advisor


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