Industrial mining farms in Russia and Europe

Token: STMG

Industry : Construction Industry

ICO Start Date: 18-09-2017 (301)

ICO Closing Date: 17-10-2017 (272)


StartMining is a project based on Construction and launching of industrial mining farms in Russia and the European Union. The team has planned to operate up to 4,000 farms with a total capacity up to 680 Gh/s Ethash. The source of income of StartMining is cryptocurrency mining and renting the capacity for mining. The plan is to obtain different cryptocurrencies that are based on Equihash, Dagger- Hashimoto, CryptoNight algorithms.

The extraction of different types of cryptocurrencies dwindles the risks linked with exchange rates and increases production complexity. The team has a plan to rent about 40% of capacities to investors and miners. In certain cases, it gives a lower profit and reduces the peril of the company.

The StartMining token is a share in StartMining Project which represents the right to participate in the distribution of the company’s profits. The token holders accept dividends in accordance with their shares. The 40% of the company’s net profit is dispersed among all the sold tokens based on the ICO results. The platform used in Start mining is Ethereum smart-contracts based ERC20 token.

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Team Members

Nikita Kholodkov - Project Management

Elena Krykun - Financing and law

Alexey Besarab - Marketing and PR

Bogdan Leonchik - IT developer

Sergei Zlotar - IT developer

Alexandr Radchuk - IT developer

Graham Mitchell - Escrow-agent

Georgii Erman - Escrow-agent


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