Sudan Gold Coin

Gold mining with SG Mining co

Token: SGC

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 08-10-2017 (255)

ICO Closing Date: 08-11-2017 (224)


Sudan is world’s first gold mining plant using blockchain technology that integrates into the production chain. The token value is ensured with real gold and connected to the blockchain mobile app that is predicting the future token price. The gold mining plant is operated with the start of gold mining. Sudan is an exclusive integration of real gold mining business with blockchain technology and candid dissemination of the profit.

The mining facility in Sudan is handled by one of the well known audited Dubai Company called as “SG mining Co”. The decentralized gold exchange grants the use of SGC tokens as the main currency for buying gold that is derived from a mining company and cross – sale between the gold buyers, sellers, banks and other consumers. The team assures the stable growth of the token price.  

SGC is the first blockchain option for the gold mining project. It aims to institute high–technological and profitable gold–mining business. It ensures gold mining with higher growth. SGC is a documentary proof the project. It is translucent and the whole gold mining audit is documented on the blockchain. A user can exchange tokens for physical gold. Investments in Sudan are stable in nature.     



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Team Members

Dmitrii Konoval - CEO SGC Founder SG Mining CO

Yuriy Mochonyy - COO SGC Co-Founder of SGC

Igor Grigorenko - Project Manager

Fahd el Saleh - SG Financing Manager

Elhadi Mohammed - Lead Mining Engineer Mining Consultant

Khalid Ali Babikir Mohamed - Senior Geologist

Hakim Badawi Mirghani Mohammed - Geologist Engineer

Rustam Mamedov Development - Lead Developer

Oleh Burmenko - Development Frontend Developer

Mike Shokin- - CFA Financial Analyst

Dmitriy Zolotarev - Chief Information Security Officer

Dmitriy Dudinov - Investment projects Advisor

Devon Wesley - Blockchain Engineer


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