Decentralized energy market platform

Token: SNC

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 28-06-2017 (357)

ICO Closing Date: 01-08-2017 (323)


SunContract is an energy trading platform. It uses blockchain technology to design a new business model for purchasing or trade electricity. Sun Contract is rattling energy market with blockchain technology. This platform utilizes existing grid and enhances present operations which are costly and inefficient. This is a user-friendly application which is developed to secure mainstream adoption of the service.

SunContract is fully translucent for the token sale and allocation of tokens is guaranteed with Smart Contract. The team is enhancing transparency features with benefits that are provided by blockchain technology. SunContract has a disruptive model with amazing features of blockchain technology (5T) and renewable energy (5D) to create a new service. SunContract is fully secured and is given much priority than other things.

SunContract has “SNC token” which is an Ethereum based token that gives support and security. These tokens have a real value attached to them in form of digital electricity for purchasing solar power plants and heat pumps.  The aim of SunContract is to subsidize its greater independence when it deals with energy, finance, and mobility. SunContract associates with Independent Power Producers and Consumers. These connect to the decentralized energy market platform through the SunContract mobile APP.

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Team Members

Jonathan Galea - Blockchain Legal Advice

Milan Gabor - Information Security

Tomaz Lajovic - Energy Legal Advice

Dr Jesus Nieto Martin - Energy Market Advice

Leo Lu - Solar Market Advice

Tomislav Mucic - Blockchain Consultant

Gregor Karlovsek - MBA Blockchain Energy Advic

Sebastjan Stucl - Blockchain Business Advice

PhD Matjaz B. Juric - Full Professor at University of Ljubljana

MSc Gregor Novak - Co-founder- CEO

Mojca Bajec - Co-founder- CFO

Martina Gabor - CIO

Mitja Blatnik - Project Manager

Andraz Verdev - Blockchain Ecosystem

PhD Klemen Stopar - Energy Ecosystem

PhD Ales Kroflic - Numerical Analysis

Luka Pusic - Information Security

Jernej Blaj - SunContract Middle East

YingDong Xu - SunContract China

PhD Ales Frece - Software Engineer

Rok Gornik - Community Manager

Katja Ogrin - SunContract Massachusetts


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