P2P Blockchain for the Manufacturing Supply Chain

Token: MFG

Industry : Manufacturing

ICO Start Date: 15-02-2018 (97)

ICO Closing Date: 15-03-2018 (69)


SyncFab reforms the manufacturing supply chains by associating buyers directly to hardware manufactures through blockchain. It eradicates marketing costs by connecting buyers to the manufacturing facilities. It ensures payments through the smart contracts and gives the user a control of his pricing and capabilities. It eradicates intermediaries and brokers to the lower cost and increases the revenues. The team directly connects the user to the hardware manufactures and provides effortless production tracking.

The MFG token is a utility token. It is utilized to reward purchasers and manufactures. It makes payments, secures intellectual properties that promote the trust and transparency through executing the smart contracts on the blockchain. The user can design a unique bid auction that incentivizes manufacturers for faster quotes with MFG. The MFG loyalty reward is offered for consistent reorders. The buyers are qualified through an upfront MFG token commitment. The manufacturers provide discounts on the quoted price with MFG tokens.


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Team Members

Jeremy Goodwin - Chief Executive Officer

Andy Tong - Chief Strategy Officer

Jay Ligda - Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Delgado - Chief Design Officer

Victor Nguyen - VP Product & Operations

Ben Gerstein - VP Marketing

Sharon Wang - UI/UX Designer

Tam Du - Blockchain Engineer

Ali Zain - Blockchain Developer

Mike Jones - Business Advisor

Gil Penchina - Crypto Advisor

Xiaochun Li - Smart Manufacturing Advisor

Jeff Berwick - Financial Advisor

Simon Cocking - Marketing Advisor

Peter Moricz - Strategy Advisor

Mark Crone - Legal Advisor

Michael Wong - Security Advisor

Chris Cheng - Product Advisor

Hikaru Yuki - Executive Director

Jason Tong - General Manager


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