Token: TEC

Industry : Manufacturing

ICO Start Date: 22-02-2018 (90)

ICO Closing Date: 22-03-2018 (62)


TE-Food is the world’s largest application which helps users to trace the food from farm to the table. This system is based on blockchain and tokenization. The team is reviving food supply in the emerging markets. TE-Food has the ready product with live operations. It has well-established company background with 21 years of business history.

TE-Food is the largest traction for B2B token sale and has 6,000 business customers with 4, 00,000/- transactions per day. It serves 30 million people with 10,000 users been trained per year. It comes with the huge market of around $15 billion food traceability market. It is rapidly growing in the emerging countries. It has active governmental support.

TE-Food has emphasized on eliminating food frauds from the society and improves public health. It assuages over usage of antibiotics in the food animals and quenches migration caused by the climatic changes. It empowers companies of food supply chain to manage logistics and food safety that is related to their operations. It identifies tools of various technologies that are applied to livestock, transports and fresh food packages. It follows the items throughout the whole supply chain. The fresh food products in the retail are traced to their origins together with the food safety-related details.

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Team Members

Dr. Trung Dao Ha - CEO

Erik Arokszallasi - CEO

Marton Ven - CMO

Gergely Koves - Project manager

Katalin Vereczkey - Food industry expert

Dr. Gabor Pajor - Food industry expert

Endre Jobbagy - Blockchain and business consultant

Dr. Michael Patching - Independent Animal Welfare and Husbandry Advisor

Gabor Nagymajtenyi - BDO Leader- blockchain team

Istvan Szukacs - DevOps- blockchain team

Abraham Endre (Silur) - Chief Architect- blockchain team

Attila Szabo - Lead Developer- blockchain team

Daniel Csendes - Blockchain technology consultant

Tamas Biro - Mobile app developer

Miklos Csaszar - Senior sotware engineer

Gergely Mate - Software developer

Zoltan Vadovics - Software developer

Laszlo Szentmiklosi - Hardware/software developer

Bence Kadar - Database specialist

Gyorgy Varga - Senior IT infrastrucutre engineer

Jozsef Tatar - IT infrastrucutre engineer


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