Making Cryptocurrencies Spendable Anytime Anywhere

Token: PAY

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 24-06-2017 (388)

ICO Closing Date: 25-06-2017 (387)


TenX connects blockchain assets for daily use. The user can be the center of the blockchain ecosystem with TenX’s debit card and banking license. It connects the user to real-world use cases. The TenX wallet and TenX card have been tested by well-known figures in almost 50 countries across the world. TenX is available on iOS, Andriod, and web.

TenX supports blockchain assets through multiple blockchains. It presently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and Dash. The user is a holder of Decentralized Security Smart Contract who has full control over his funds. The platform associates assets and businesses on blockchains to the real- world in a decentralized form. The developers can upgrade security smart contract modules so that businesses can connect their users and use cases to real-world payments.

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Team Members

Toby Hoenisch - Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Sperk - Co-Founder & CTO

Paul Kitti - Co-Founder & COO

Julian Hosp - Co-Founder & CVO

Warren Goh - COO

Bettina Schmidt - CHO

Chris Miess - Financial Advisor

Tuhina Singh - Blockchain Developer

U-Zyn Chua - Blockchain Developer

Martijn Buurman - Blockchain Developer


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