The Bee Token

The Future of Home Sharing

Token: BEE

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 06-12-2017 (168)

ICO Closing Date: 28-02-2018 (84)


Bee Token is future of sharing the home. It is known as a home sharing platform. It hosts users to list their homes and for guests to find suitable accommodations. It rewards users with network incentives, commission-free transactions and security excellent in the home sharing industry. The Bee protocols are set to Ethereum Smart contract which provides developers the tools to rapidly launch new decentralized applications.

Bee Token is using Bee Protocols so that developers can expect faster development cycles.  It reduces the integration costs and has a proper base. Bee Token is cryptocurrency which charges the Beenest platform and Bee protocols.


  • Zero commission: - Beenest is a decentralized platform. It eliminates the necessity of middleman and has zero commission.
  • Aligned Incentives:- The token are distributed through presale and ICO
  • Security: - Beenest provides Bank-level security blockchain technology.
  • Trust: - Beenest has transparent practices with immutable feedback.

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Team Members

Jonathan Chou - Co-founder & CEO

Coco Liu - Lead Designer

Guocheng Xie - Smart Contract Engineer

Tony Tran - Co-founder & CTO

Michael Pak - Lead Operations

Bonnie Qin - Backend Engineer

Ali Ayyash - Co-founder & Lead Engineer

Rob Peterson - Smart Contract Engineer

Doug Todd - Community Manager

Jordan Ong - Co-founder & Head of Product

Kevin Van - Front End Engineer

Toshi Masubuchi - Finance and Operations

George Perez - UI/UX Designer


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