Tio Tour Guides

Social platform for tourist

Token: TIO

Industry : Tourism

ICO Start Date: 29-08-2017 (295)

ICO Closing Date: 25-09-2017 (268)


This platform is established to create a Social Network with a payment platform for Tour Operators and Tour Guide. This helps them to utilize the payment gateway which offers incentives to the tourist who plans tours on their services. The team met few of these tour companies and tour guides who appreciated the fascinating idea and took part in it. First, they come up with a voucher system, but that didn't work out. It was awkward to use as it deals with millions of people. Then finally they come up with an idea where members of the network can use to pay for or gain access to certain services.

Tio Tour guide is based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts which uses cryptocurrency. The team is utilizing the process of an Initial Coin Offering that brings together a community and raises awareness for the Social Network as well as Payment Platform. The token is an ERC20 POS token which is structures on the Ethereum Blockchain. The team doesn’t believe in providing new technologies developed to the cryptocurrency community yet, many companies are claiming for it. As we all know Cryptocurrency is over sodden and requires more popularity to attract new members.

Tio Tour Guide is the first cryptocurrency platform which is recommended for tour guides and tour operators. This social network has a mobile app with separate payment software on Desktop and a Debit Card.  

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Team Members

Hannah Krall - CEO/FOUNDER

Tawan Soupadee - Managing Director

Thaneet Ontorn - Chief Financial Officer

Mario Kay - Lead Developer

Sigi Nahstatt - Director Of Digital Marketing

Silver Martins - Marketing Manager

Jerald Nathan - Project Manager


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