Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

We Are the Revolution

Token: BAR

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 01-01-2018 (142)

ICO Closing Date: 01-03-2018 (83)


Earlier steel was used for many purposes such as household applications, containers, vessels, utensils and so on. Currently, Titanium has escorted in a new era of network construction. The TBIS’s proprietary company has a service like CaaS, infrastructure as a service as (IaaS). Titanium is used in every device from enterprise to virtualized routers such as firewalls and has specialized equipment like cryptocurrency miners. It is present in all cloud-based environments that are based on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. 

Titanium is paired with the cutting edge enterprise management and monitoring technology. This has created a shock-proof internet infrastructure which is lightweight and completely revolutionary in the scope. The distributed TBIS system has audited the health of the network and is attached to it. It executes the autonomous healing actions for certain particular weakness. The Titanium hydra fault tolerance system if found any errors in the device shifts the load away and into another network of redundant nodes.

The potential security problem arises the TBIS system to work automatically and limits the probability of the attacks such as DDoS or other address-specific attacks. It is futile to deluge a piece of equipment which exists on the ether. 

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Team Members


RICHARD SILVER - COO/Director of Marketing


VINCENT FULLERTON - Technical Advisor (Pura Core Team & NEM Developer)

JOE BUCCINI - Technical Advisor

STUART SIEGLER - Ethereum Developer and Enterprise Automation Expert

JAMES CONNOLLY - Ethereum Developer

ELLIOT KERMANI - Legal Adviser

JESSE URE - Ethereum Developer

RITCHEY MULHOLLEM - Ethereum Developer

NILO AMPUNAN - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist

RICHARD WHITAKER - Senior Enterprise Management Specialist

JASON MCBRIDE - Senior Systems Engineer

ERAN JENKINS - Network Administrator

DAVID ROWLEY - Storage Management Expert

ARTEM CHUPAKHIN - Marketing Director- Russia

RYAN BRYDON - Marketing Director- Australia

DANIEL TEICH - Chief Design Officer- Germany

JASON BRINK - Graphic Designer | Technical Writer

DAWID BRZEZINSKI - Community Manager

DARIUSZ BANIEL - Community Manager


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