Tokenizing celebrities for funding and promoting rising stars

Token: ACE

Industry : Entertainment

ICO Start Date: 31-08-2017 (293)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (232)


TokenStars is a blockchain company which assesses to tokenize desiring celebrities careers. It aims to offer funding resources to sportsmen and other celebrities at the tender age. It helps users to decentralize talent sourcing and promote their work. Token holder gets compensation for lucrative players’ recommendations, localizing content and grows players fan bases to refer investors through generous Bounty program.

A token utilizes the shared infrastructure and launches the new vertical to tokenize aspiring celebrities. It also includes football, poker, basketball, hockey, cinema actors, musicians, and models. TokenStars begins tokenizing people with ACE to project back young and experienced tennis players. It wants to recommend 1 billion tennis fans to the blockchain world.

ACE TokenStars is a blockchain based celebrity management platform that handles decentralized scouting and community voting. It ensures transparent engagement for millions of users such as celebrities, fans, brands, and advertisers. TokenStars has advertising dashboard for brands with integrated analytics and billing. Smart tasks are allocated to the system for the community.

TokenStars has API for advertisers and digital agencies. There is also a talent application screening system with fraud protection. It has the powerful global community which eliminates middlemen and features faster transactions. It also brings more transparency to the celebrity industry and reduces transactions costs.

Token Allocation: -

  • 60% of tokens are allocated to Sale contributors.
  • 20% of tokens are allotted to Community.
  • 20% of tokens are assigned to team and advisors.


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Team Members

Pavel Stukolov - CEO

Evgeniy Potapov - CTO

Aler Denisov - Smart-contract Developer

Timur Gavrilov - Head of Product

Irina Shashkina - Marketing Director

Vladimir Shmidt - CFO

Madina Hooke - Head of sponsorships

Mikhailius Derkach - Design advisor

Nick Grigoriev - Head of Support

Lena Mintz - Head of strategic Market

Irina Soshinskaya - Localization manager

Ksenia Chabanenko - Marketing & PR Advisor

Alexander Stratilatov - Brand Partnerships Advisor

Eugeny Kuznetsov - User Acquisition & Retention expert


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