The First Secure Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure

Token: TOPIA

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 13-03-2018 (99)

ICO Closing Date: 26-03-2018 (86)


TopiaCoin is the first secure decentralized file sharing infrastructure. Topia technology has spent over a decade for solving critical problems in complex distributed systems for a variety of DoD and Federal Agencies. The team is bringing unmatched security to anyone who wishes to share information securely and privately without their data being exploited by a central authority.

Topia has integrated patented security for fragmenting and encrypting Data with the power of blockchain. It delivers most robust and secured decentralized file sharing infrastructure. The individuals and businesses can easily and securely share any digital asset with the SDFS. The infrastructure of SDFS is used to manage file size and format with the capacity to protect against multiple threats.

Topia has developed and released a series of proprietary libraries.  This provides the essential infrastructure to connect blockchain to digital asset transactions in a secure peer-to-peer method. These libraries will also offer a battle-tested security and enable a faster time to market for the providing solutions.

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Team Members

Janine Terrano - CEO

Jeff Cesari - EVP of Corporate Development

John Haager - Chief Blockchain Architect

Dan Joslin - Director & Security Strategist

Cody Sandwith - Blockchain Engineer

Jeff Pack - Director of Engineering

Sean Gray - Security Engineer

Cuneyt Baris - Community Token Manager


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